Thomas Frank doesn’t look far, let’s go game by game.

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Brentford boss Thomas Frank declined to discuss the chances of winning European football spots. By now, let’s move forward one game at a time.

The Bees beat Bournemouth 2-0 at home in the Premier League on Saturday night. With Brentford now 29 points in 8th place score table.

“It’s important that we have dreams, everyone has dreams and ambitions.” said Thomas Frank the Dane when asked about the prospect of completing European football quotas UFABET 

“Erik ten Hag (Manchester United manager) spoke about Alex Ferguson saying the season started in April. If we think too far, there might be a problem. It is important to celebrate the team’s victory. But after this we have to work very hard and see where we end up.

“Winning makes me very satisfied. These players have a high level of mentality. I want to make sure we train like beasts all week long. We know Premier League games are never easy.

“I don’t think we had a perfect game. But is there a season where you play 4 or 5 perfect games? It was a well-deserved victory.”

“The director and management at all levels are very cooperative. We are like family and everyone has the full support of me – the owners, the players, the staff and the fans.