Simeone stays on despite Atletico Madrid extending Felix’s contract.

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Diego Simeone has no intention of parting ways with Atletico Madrid. Although the football club extend Joao Felix’s contract until mid-2027.

The 23-year-old striker was loaned out to Atleti to Chelsea after he has been unable to play for Simeone consistently this season. Plus, in the past there have been reports of both sides having disagreements.

Earlier reports have suggested El Cholo’s future is in doubt and Felix’s contract extension. Which is issued until mid-2027 directly affects the Argentinian coach after the end of the season UFABET

However, Marca revealed the 52-year-old had no intentions or signs of parting ways with Roji Blancos at the end of the season. Although in the past there have been conflicts with players and uneven performance of the team.

Spanish media have made it clear that. Simeone has no intention of leaving Atleti. Either now or in the near future. Or the club did not force or consider the future of this coach as reported earlier.

Marca concluded that Simeone will let the outside story pass. Because the manager wants to concentrate on getting the team back to good performance after a disappointing season, especially in Europe.

The Argentine coach, who has a contract with the team until mid-2024, said: “My dream is to continue working with this club. And come back to play in the Champions League next season.