Akanyi pointed out how ridiculous the goal was to equalize.

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Manchester City defender Manuel Akanyi reveals that Manchester United’s equalizing goal was offside. The Blues attacked Manchester United 1-2 in the Manchester City Derby on stage in the Premier League On Saturday. City now have 39 points from 18 matches, five points behind Arsenal, who have played one game less.

After the game, Akanyi did not hesitate to talk about the rhythm of Manchester United’s equalizer. Which the Blues sailors saw as an offside stroke. But Stewart Attwell reversed the decision before giving the goal of host.

“Honestly the first goal is ridiculous to let it be like this,” the 27-year-old told the BBC.

“I saw Rashford, he was clearly offside. So I played in situations where he was in an offside position. He ran until the last second and he stopped when the ball was already in front of him. And he faces Eddie (Ederson), ready to score but is stopped by Bruno Fernandes shouting UFABET 

“I understand he didn’t touch the ball but he ran 30 meters and ran until the last second. For me, it’s clearly advanced. Referees do not even need to be considered. It was explained earlier this season that the rhythm was clearly advanced.

When reporters repeatedly asked if Rashford had played a part in preventing defenders from tackling the ball, Akanyi responded: ‘Yes’.